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10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

It is true that the reduction of fat found in the abdomen is one of the most complicated tasks when trying to lose weight. We strive to eat healthy and exercise a lot, but that’s not all, and there are many habits in our daily routine that also influence this process!

At WittyBubbles we have created for you this list of habits that you must adopt, and others that you have to give up to reach your goal. We will explain in detail what happens in your body when you take some bad habits, and what to do to lose them.

Sleep 8 hours

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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Sleep is essential to the proper functioning of the body. Believe it or not, the rest of a few hours affects a hormone called leptin , responsible for the secretion of cells containing fat in tissues and the stagnation of the process of loss of size. It is extremely important to control it because its role is to  regulate hunger and speed up metabolism. She sends a signal to the brain to inform her that you should not eat anymore because you are full. This is the natural way your body has to keep you at your ideal weight.

According to a Stanford University study , the brain produces large amounts of leptin to prevent obesity. Therefore, those who do not have a tendency to gain weight and eat too much. If you do not rest well, the hormone is impaired and sends messages to the brain still asking for food. Too little leptin in the body makes us anxious and makes us constantly want to eat, so from now on, rest well!

Drink enough water

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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Like sleep, water is vital to the body. In addition to moisturizing, it optimizes the functioning of organs. S has deficiency sends signals to the brain confuses thirst with the need to eat , especially fatty and sugary foods. This is one of the reasons why we suddenly want to eat burgers, fries, chocolate cakes or cookies.

Remember that each person’s needs are different. For this reason, it is recommended to drink between one and two liters of water a day. However, it also depends on your size and weight.

Ideally, if you multiply your weight by 35 , you’ll get exactly how much water you need to drink each day. For example: if you weigh 70 kilos, you should drink 2450 ml of water a day.

Eat this instead it

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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Small changes are those that help us achieve the desired goal. Nutritionist and fitness teacher Sascha Barbosa, better known as Sascha Fitness, has published an article recommending replacing regular foods with healthier ones. For example, the expert advised to replace:

  • The dough made of wheat flour by a dough made from zucchini.
  • Biscuits salted with brown rice cakes.
  • Turkey with chicken
  • Wheat bread with oat bread
  • Butter with a clarified product without lactose.

Many foods that we believe are healthy are detrimental to our diet, so it’s best to know which ones are really good and which ones are not.

Control your emotions

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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Strong and constant emotional changes lead to losses and weight gains. When a person falls into depression, his serotonin levels often decrease, leading to the development of obsessive eating behaviors. Sudden mood swings also affect the lateral area of  the hypothalamus , which sends out uncontrolled hunger messages.

Because each body responds differently to each situation, there are those who suffer from an increase in the stress hormone, which cancels the mechanisms of hunger in the brain. This causes the person to reject the food, which makes him lose a lot of weight. For this reason, it is very important that youkeep control of your emotions. Sadness, joy, anger or rage are natural and not harmful to a human being, but when they stop being temporary and last for long periods, if not years, they become harmful to health.

Reduce your sugar consumption

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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If you want to lose fat, you should minimize your intake of sugary foods. Replace them with good sugars from fruits or unprocessed foods, such as 100% natural honey.

What happens to your body when you ingest sugar?

  • The level of glucose in the blood increases and turns into fat. The body uses it as a source of energy to function (there are good and bad fats). But sugar becomes a bad fat that lodges itself in the body and can not be expelled, or it costs much more to get out of the body.
  • In addition, sugar is addictive, so you will want to eat more and more sweet foods which will lead to weight gain.
  • The idea is not to flee sugar, but to be responsible by consuming it and choosing foods that contain natural form.
  • The important thing is not to be extreme and not to deprive yourself of everything. Balance is an ally of the body.

Sascha Barboza has a rule that she shares on social networks with all her followers is that, if they maintain a healthy diet throughout the week, they can choose a day to afford a few whims.

Do not forget the salt

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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As with sugar, too much salt is harmful to your health. The body needs specific amounts of sodium, between 1,300 and 2,300 mg per day, and 150 and 200 mg per meal, as recommended by the FDEA ( Food and Drug Administration ).

Most of the salt is in processed foods that contain an excessive amount of sodium, but you can replace them with natural foods that offer a higher quality of sodium, such as egg white and vegetables. Sodium causes water retention and therefore bloating.

Avoid stress

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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It is true that today’s accelerated pace of life is one of the main stressors. The pressure, regardless of your work, your family or your personality, activates cortisol. The body releases large amounts of this hormone as a warning mechanism that is activated when a person is under severe stress. But the body turns cortisol into glucose in the blood which, as we have already explained, turns into fat.

If the stress lasts for a long time, it becomes something chronic that causes weight gain. In addition, it brings other changes that affect your metabolism: fatigue, mood swings, loss of appetite, headaches and a host of hormonal disorders that will eventually destabilize your entire body.

Do not skip meals

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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There is a myth that not eating at dinner can lose weight because eating at night would be harmful. And there are really people who believe that abstaining from eating will help them lose weight. The truth is that you may see results, but they will be wrong because they will generate a rebound effect.

According to a study from Ohio University, skipping meals results in fat accumulation in the abdominal area, which has the opposite effect than desired. In addition, the metabolism works less and more slowly, so that as soon as you resume a normal diet, you easily gain weight.

It is recommended not to skip meals, either voluntarily or for lack of time, but to eat healthy and have a snack between meals to avoid anxiety and keep the metabolism active.

Train with weights

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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If you follow a disciplined exercise routine, but you still do not get great results, we recommend intensive training. Weight training, muscle training. The idea is to activate the body.

Most coaches in gyms ask to combine 30 minutes of weight with 30 minutes of cardio, as it is a great combination that will give you great results. If you start and think the time is too long, do 10 or 15 and increase the intensity and the minutes by adapting yourself. Intensive training speeds up metabolism, resulting in faster results.

Take your breakfast!

10 tips that will help you lose abdominal fat

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast will help you activate all your organs, speed up your metabolism and reduce your anxiety level during the day.

If you have breakfast, you will have a more productive day, you will be more efficient in your work and you will be happier because you will activate the hormone of happiness.

Do you practice one of these tips? If you have other recommendations, share them in the comments section. Do not forget to visit to see more content like this and share the article with everyone you know.

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