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10 Tips for making a pretty makeup in the blink of an eye!

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10 Tips for making a pretty makeup in the blink of an eye!

For most of us, achieving perfect makeup requires a large amount of high-end products and several hours in front of your mirror. But there are also smart alternatives that make it possible to put on makeup in a fast, easy and creative way, like drawing hashtags on your eyelids or using a fork to obtain perfect lines. These tips may seem strange, but they will really help you sublimate your beauty in just a few minutes.

At WittyBubbles, we have selected some tips that will allow you to make up to perfection and we are looking forward to sharing them with you!

1. Use a fork to have perfect contours

Who could have imagined that a simple fork could turn into a good makeup tool? You can use it to apply a dark outline on the sides of the nose, eyebrows or to make an eyeliner cat’s eyes , as you can see in this video.

2. Draw a hashtag on your eyelids

Draw a hashtag in the corner of your eyelid and gently fade it. If you want to get a darker color, repeat the same operation on the same area, after melting the previous color. Check out this video for information details on how to apply this  type of makeup.

3. Use a spoon to make up your eyes

Another kitchen utensil that can be useful during makeup: the spoon. It will help you keep your eyelids clean when you apply your mascara or want to use an eyeshadow. Take a look at  thisvideo if you want to know more.

4. Use a hair dryer to keep your eyelashes curved longer


When you are done makeup, dry your eyelashes with a hairdryer to  guide the air upwards . The heat will bend them and help them keep that shape longer, while remaining bulky.

5. Take a bottle brush to remove the stains produced by mascara

What’s worse than having a mascara spot on your eyelids while your makeup is almost done? Clean the area with a wet product … it will only make things worse. Instead, let the product dry for a few minutes and then remove itwith a clean eyebrow brush .

6. Add a touch of light to your lips with a glittery gloss


Make-up artist Chloe Morello suggests applying a bright gloss on Cupid’s bow and on the bottom of your lips, just over the lipstick you wear, to create a light effect on this area. A great way to turn your makeup day into night makeup in seconds.

7. Add baby talc to get thicker eyelashes


If you want to have an eyelash effect without wearing it, this trick will allow you to achieve it. Apply the first layer of mascara to the eyelashes and while the product is still wet, put some baby talc (use a brush or a cotton swab). Apply a second layer of mascara. If you want an even more conspicuous effect, you can repeat the operation.

8. How to make the pencil draw a thick line


If the line of your pencil for the eyes is not thick enough, it does not matter, it is very easy to fix this problem. Take a match or lighter and position the pencil on the flame for 1 second. Let it cool for 15 seconds and you can use it. You will observe that the line will be thicker and more intense . Be careful not to apply the hot pencil on your eyelids! You have to wait for it to cool down and first test the temperature on your hand.

9. Modify your lipstick so that it does not leave any traces


Apply the lipstick, place a tissue on it and put translucent powder on the lips, through the fabric. In this way, you will not stain your blouse or your cup of coffee. Take a look at  this video if you want to know more about this trick.

10. Transforms a normal brush into a fan brush, with hair pins

Fan brushes are used to draw fine and precise outlines. But, what if you do not have one? Take a classic brush, place two hairpins at the base and slide them up to the desired shape .

11. Two in one: eyeliner and eyelash curler

©   © Depositphotos  

What’s better than doing two things at once when you’re in a hurry? Draw a line with your pencil along the eyelash curler and use it as you usually do, but position the edge as close as possible to the birth of the eyelashes. Support and release the device for a better result.

Which of these tips would you like to test? Do you have tips that work and you want to share with us? Reply us in the comments.

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